5 Ways to Maintain your Hair Color and Highlighting

Hair coloring and straightening can be great for your hair and have many benefits as far as improving the appearance of the hair is concerned but over a period of time, hair color and high lighting tends to become dull, unmanageable and lighter.

Thus it becomes important to take care of colored or highlighted hair regularly to ensure that it can be maintained and its effect can be lengthened. The following are the 5 most effective ways to maintain your hair color and highlighting:

ways to maintain your hair color and highlighting

1. Pick the Right Products

Picking the right hair products is important for everyone, especially for those who have got their hair colored or highlighted.  Make sure you buy only top quality products which are not too harsh on the hair as chemicals can take away the shine and effect of the color. Look for a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner which seals the color in your hair and doesn’t harm it in any way.

2. Don’t Shampoo too Often

Shampooing too much and too often can wash off the hair color faster and this is one thing that you must avoid in order to maintain the color or the highlighting. Avoid washing everyday and rather wash your hair on alternate days or even less to tackle the dirt and oil.

3. Try Deep Conditioning

Another amazing way to maintain your hair color and highlighting is to try the method of deep conditioning.  A good and soft conditioner can make your hair appear softer and smoother.  Remember that you apply the conditioner only on the roots or the hair ends and let it soak for about 10 minutes after every shampoo wash.

4. Shower Smartly

Another reason why hair color tends to fade away faster is due to standing under the shower directly and letting the spray hit your scalp hard.  In order to take care of your hair color and maintain it, avoid doing this too often and try to bath under a softer hair spray from the shower.  You can also use a shower cap or a showerhead to avoid bearing the brunt of the intense shower spray.

5. Avoid using Scalding Hot Water

Washing hair with scalding hot water can be another reason why hair color tends to get washed off and dull.  It is a better idea to go for cold, lukewarm or hot water to avoid the harshness of extra hot water.


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