Top 7 Tips to Trap your Hair Color

Hair coloring with vibrant colors can be a show-stopping trick wherever you go. However, no one wants their money and effort along with their hair color to go down the drain. When you dye your hair, the color pigments of the dye get locked up in your hair strands, thus resulting in retention of the color even after washing.

However, while washing, water dilutes the color pigments causing your perfectly shaded hair strands to lose their color sooner than expected. However, not washing your hair is not a good option, instead you can try these pigment-protecting tricks which neither requires a lot of money nor professional stylists; but a little concern and effort.

tips to trap your hair colorHow to Stop your Hair Color from Fading

Follow these infallible tips on how to maintain a vibrant, fresh hair color for longer period of time so that your healthy, colorful hair may dazzle wherever you go:

Choose Wisely

You must always opt for a professional dye instead of the cheaper, semi-permanent hair color solutions widely available in the market. Seek for those cosmetic brands which have the best and long-lasting palettes of colors of your choice. Also, one-time investment counts, i.e. never go for the cheaper hair color brands as they not only fade away sooner, but also contain harmful chemicals that might spoil your hair.

Before Dyeing Shampoo

Wash with a clarifying shampoo one day before you dye your hair. The shampoo gets rids of excess product buildup which helps the color to penetrate deeper into your hair strands and hence last longer.

Choosing Shades

Though the eye-popping, vibrant red color is good to look at red color fade the fastest because of its larger pigment molecules than brown and black and thus instability. Therefore, go for the blonde and brunettes over red varieties.

After-Color Effect

Do not shampoo until 48 hours after the dyeing procedure. Moreover, always use color-protecting shampoo and conditioner and avoid clarifying shampoo which rips your hair off the color dyes. The best ones are sulphate-free shampoo which removes excess sebum and impurities but not your hair color.

Protect from Exposure

Protect your hair from exposure to direct sunlight using a wide-brimmed hat or coat your hair strands with SPF conditioner to protect them against harmful UV rays while you are outdoors.

Rules at Pool

Chlorine is the major perpetrator behind fading hair color. Apply a deep conditioner to moisturize and protect your hair and a shower cap covering your hair strands for added protection. The rule is applicable for frequent beach visitors too.

Be Cool

Steaming hot water harms your hair strands as well as the speeds up fading of dye. So, always remember to wash with cold or lukewarm water for long-lasting hair color.

So, follow these tips and stop worrying over fading hair color. Go out and show-off those fancy pink, red, blonde or brunette dyed strands and be the diva of the day!

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