The Various Benefits of Applying Henna to your Hair

We have always heard the importance of henna for our hair and its various beauty benefits.  Henna is not just a great way of palm art but also a good hair dye which has been around for hundreds of years now.

Apart from coloring or dyeing, henna or mehendi can prove useful for the hair in numerous other ways. The following part of the article will throw more light on the several benefits of applying henna to your hair:

applying henna to your hair

Natural Hair Colour

Rather than spending loads of amount of expensive hair colors, you can apply henna to your hair and get a natural looking beautiful hair color.  Not only does henna maintain the natural hair color but also colors the grey hair and helps you in looking young.

Natural Hair Conditioner

Apart from the hair coloring part, henna is a great natural hair conditioner which makes your hair soft, silky and smooth. Using henna on your hair every once in a while can keep them well-nourished and healthy looking. Infact, you can mix henna with yoghurt or olive oil for best results.

Cure for Dandruff

If you have been facing problems with flaky scalp or dandruff, then applying henna on the hair will ensure cure for the problem.  Henna helps not only in the reduction of dandruff but total elimination if used in the right amounts and regularly.

Reduces Hair Fall

Of the many benefits of henna, one of them includes the fact that henna is great for reducing hair fall.  Those who are suffering from extensive hair fall can try using henna on their hair and see a natural reduction in hair loss.

Makes Hair Strong

Henna is great for the hair because of the fact that it lends them strength and makes them healthy. Mixing henna with lemon juice or yoghurt is a good way to ensure this.

Treats Frizzy Hair

If you have frizzy hair, then one way to treat it is by applying henna to them. Henna is known to smoothen the frizzy ends and make hair silky and soft.

Scalp Cleaner

Henna is also a natural scalp cleaner. It keeps hair away from not only dandruff but also various types of scalp infections.  Moreover, henna prevents hair from becoming greasy, which might be a reason for several hair problems like falling of hair.

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