Colour And Style Trends For Your Hair This Summer

Every year welcomes a new collection of hair trends that are flaunted from colleges to parties to other social gatherings. This summer you might want to look cool while it’s heating up outside. Following is a list of some of the coolest hair styles and colours that you may adorn to enhance your style quotient this season.

Colour And Style Trends for hair

Mermaid Curls

If you are too lazy to maintain your hair then this hair style is something that you would not want to ignore. This summer the laid back, fuss free mermaid waves are in. This hair style looks gorgeous on any girl who has slightly curly hair that is dishevelled all the time. The hairstyle is specifically for those who don’t like spending much time accessorizing their hair or who have time constraints.

The Shabby Look

If you are tired of combing your hair and love unkempt curls then this is a look tailor made for you. This look is again apt for those who do not have enough time to style their hair. It reflects our carefree personality. It can be achieved by patting your hair dry after washing them. You may apply some serum on your hair so that they don’t get frizzy.

Side Swept Blowout

Stick straight and bouncy/ wavy blow out are the two types of blow outs that are popular among hair style aficionados. This hair style is such that it suits girls with long tresses as well as those with Mid length hair. The look is just right if you are heading to your college or an evening with friends and looks equally good if you are going for a party. However, if you plan to adorn this look to a party then don’t forget to add some elegant hair accessories that go well with your dress.


One of the most simple and yet feminine hair style is hair tied with a colourful ribbon. You can get this at home with no preparation as such by securing a low ponytail in black or white elastic and then simply tie a ribbon in a bow to conceal the band. High Ponytails look even better. You may even go for stylish rubber bands to complete the look.

The sweetheart Look

Ever wanted to make everyone with a straight hair jealous of your curls? This is exactly what the sweetheart look can do for you. This is one of the most romantic looks that is there in the collection of hairstyle this season. Remove moisture after washing your hair and then put your favourite hair conditioners to enhance your curls.

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