Spring 2012 Hair Color Styles

Regarding the hair color styles of this year you should know that the classic hair colors will be trendy, natural but the hair colorists will come up with new ways of making the browns, blondes, and every other color a little more interesting and surprising.

Warm tones as styles for hair color

It looks like these styles have become very trendy, especially during the cold season. The most popular colors include rich browns, deep reds and the softer shades of blonde.

Hair Color Styles

There are a lot of women who would like to have 2-4 different hues in their hair in order for it to have more depth and to avoid having the same color all over their head.

Vibrant and bold shades

This is another one of the styles for hair color that seems to be extremely popular this year. In the hair coloring market we can see the rise of blue, purple, green and red.

There are a lot of women looking for such bold colors mixed with blacks, browns, reds and blondes. The good thing about these hair color styles is that they offer a more original look.

The rise of this new trend might be caused by all the celebrities that have been seen with styles of this kind on the covers of magazines and tabloids. It is common for people to copy the styles of hair color of their favorite celebrity. How long the trend will last?

As you may have guessed, women will go on having such daring colors as long as the celebrities will wear the colors. One of the greatest examples that we could think of is Katy Perry, who has been seen with pink and blue colors on the red carpet.

Naturally when it comes to hair color styles there are some other celebrities as well that we should mention, such as Kate Winslet, Juliette Lewis, and Gwen Stefani. They could be considered trend setters, and they have been followed by Jessica Simpson, Selma Blair, Kim Cattrall, Jamie Lee Curtis and Avril Lavigne.

Gray hair color

This may be one of the most surprising styles of hair color for the season. Although the majority of women are afraid of having gray hair, it looks like some of them see it from a totally different point of view. One of the hottest trends of the moment is to have gray highlights with gray and white bases.

Although at the beginning the hair color styles have been seen only on the trend setters, more and more women opt to adopt the style. Some of the celebrities who already tried the style include Kate Moss and Pink and it looks like they love it.

Ombre as styles of hair color

This isn’t really one of the newest styles of hair color since we could have seen it before, but it managed to maintain its popularity. This style means that the hair is darker at the roots and brighter towards the ends. This way it is possible to create a unique design with the hair color styles.


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