Things to Keep in Mind while Hair Colouring

Hair colouring has set up a new fashion trend in the present scenario. Now-a-days the concept of hair colouring has changed vastly. Youth generation has plunged into this arena of hair colouring to get a different look. The concept that you can opt for hair colouring to cover up grey hairs or aged persons can do hair colouring has changed with new fashion segments.

Whereas you should have proper knowledge on this note to avoid any damages to your hair and should keep in mind that the colouring of your hair must complement with your face shape as well as personality. Here you are being guided with few steps to remember before plunging into hair colouring. So just consider the below given points:

things to keep in mind while hair colouring


Conditioning is the most necessitate part to protect your hair from any damage. It will not matter whether you have opted for temporary or permanent hair colouring; remember to condition your hair scalp atleast twice in a month.

Rinsing method after Colouring your Hair

Rinsing your hair just after hair colouring is not recommended. Though rinsing your hair is very important, but never forget that the natural oils produced by your hair scalp have the ability to protect your hair from any damage. Thus try to leave your hair colour for a standing time and let it finish its job.

Frequency of Hair Colouring

You need to be conscious regarding the frequency of hair colouring. There is nothing wrong to look fresh with your tresses but the fact lays that too much touch ups can damage your hair and lead to hair breakage.

Avoid over Processing

Relaxation and colouring should not go hand in hand. Hence you need to give a break of minimum 10 days between each set of colouring.

Incorporation of Versatility

Do not be monotonous by applying same colour to your hair rather try to incorporate adventurous colours to your hair. If you want to stay out from changing whole colour of your hair, highlighting would be suitable for you.

Selection of Colour

You must be careful while choosing colour for your hair. As hair colouring comprises of side effects, you must check this aspect before applying colour to your hair. While colouring your hair it also spread to your scalp, neck and face for which you must test it as well.


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