Common Hair Coloring Mistake you should Avoid

In the world of beauty and hairdo; hair color has evolved as one of the most fashionable trends and also the most complicated sciences. The hair coloring experience goes differently with every individual as the preferences, look and skin complexions vary.

However, despite all the thoughtful precautions taken, some hair coloring instances go terribly wrong. You might be thinking that a shade would suit you the best and it turns out to be a massacre when it’s dyed. If you are going on the color that is displayed on the model in the hair coloring saloon that would be your biggest mistake; here are such more mistakes that are usually committed by people who desire to go for a coloured hair – know them and avoid them –

hair coloring mistake you should avoidFive Common Mistakes that you can make While Coloring your Hair:

No one wants to look like a clown, or give an appearance of wearing a wig. To avoid such fiascos, make sure you do not make any of the mistakes listed below.

Do not Follow Blindly

It is possible that you got inspired from a specific celebrity or a fashion trend that is making wave. But never follow these trends blindly. Try to think before you color your hair bubble gum pink when you have a professional meeting to attend.

Do not go for Extremes

Remember, going for extremes may make you look ridiculous. Think smart and your new hair color can make you look more elegant and trendy, but abandon the idea of going overboard with the creativity part.

Do not Risk at Home Hair Coloring if you are not a Pro

If you are coloring your hair for the first time, take the help of a professional. The simple reason is that you might not know what is the best way to cover grey, how to mix two colors together so that you have a natural looking head, how long you should keep the color, so on and so forth. Thus, if you have decided to color your hair, do yourselves a favor and opt for a good beauty salon.

Use Two Different Shades

At times our dyed hair look so much like a wig and frankly, it is not a good thing. Therefore, try to use two shades of colors on your head, and see to it that your stylist is blending them properly. Also remember, if you have less than 30% grey in your hair, it is better to use semi permanent colors.

Cover the Roots

Last but not the list, please take care of the fact that your hair roots properly covered by color, especially if you have grey hair.

Remember to take good care of your colored hair. It takes more effort than the natural hair to keep it healthy.


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