Choosing the best Hair Highlights for Fair Skin

Highlighting your hair is a great idea, as it not only adds shine and richness to your hair but also adds a special appeal and zing to your life. Choosing that perfect hair highlight for your fair skin can definitely be a challenge since the right one can cheer up your complexion while the wrong one can make it appear unnatural and dull. That is why, to decide what goes well with you, there are few things to consider like skin tone, eye color etc. to help you look your best.


Knowing your Skin Tone

Analyzing your skin tone is simple. Choose a well-lit room. Sit in front of a mirror with no make-up on, pull out a hair strand and check it with your face color. Next check the color of your wrist veins and finally color of eyes.

Now, if you have green veins, it means you have a warm skin tone which has yellow undertones and if the veins are blue tinged, you possess a cool skin tone which has pink undertones. Next is your eye color which is also an important factor in deciding what highlight you will be wearing. Listed below are some borrowed hair highlighting ideas from celebrities worth giving a try.

Highlights for Warm Skin Tone

  • People with warm skin tone with eye colors mostly in between hazel, amber, light golden, light brown, turquoise, green, brown should go for warmer shades like honey, chestnut shades, golden browns, auburn or golden blondes. The famous colorist Keith Shore says that warm shades would be creating an alluring charm to the fair skin and also gives you a flattering glow, while other celebrity colorist states that fair skin comes to life when complimented with hues of light golden, strawberry blonde or shiny copper red.
  • Staying on the safer side, it is better to pick a highlight color that will equally compliment your eyes and skin. Avoid colors like blue, beige, ash, violet which might make your look overwhelmed.

Highlights for Cool Skin Tones

  • People with fair skin when applies cool undertones to their hair, look cool with added highlights like black, auburn brown, ash , honey, wheat shades, platinum and cool blondes. Many colorists who provide services to celebs suggests using pale, cool shades to look stunning with white skin and cooler tones.
  • Colors such as gold, bronze, and yellow tones are a strict no-no for people with cooler skin tones.

Although skin tone is a crucial factor in determining your hair color, feel free to try any color group of your choice as long as you carry it with élan. But, with skin tone as your guide, it’s easy to find what works best for you.


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