Celebrity Hair Color – You Can Borrow from Them

Although it is difficult to believe, there are some people who are really into celebrity hair color. On the other hand it is also possible that you are one of these people, and if this is the case, you may want to try all the colors that you can see on the red carpets. Some of the hair colors of the celebrities are:

Soft blonde hair color

You should know that in case of every woman there is a blonde hair color that is suitable for her. Going blonde could be advantageous for every woman because it adds volume to the hair.

Celebrity Hair Color

As an example, the blonde color that Taylor Swift opted for in the fall is a great transition color, and this hair color of the celebrities is suitable for her bright skin.

The good thing about these colors is that they are suitable for just any skin tone. They have both cool and warm tones. Sienna Miller also has one of these colors. It’s not too screaming but still it is sexy and bold in the same time.

Although it is said that the women with such celebrity hair color have more fun, we also have to add that their hair is the most damaged, so don’t forget about hair masks.

Brown hair color

You may say that this hair color of the celebrities is boring, but don’t forget that there are numerous shades and hues to try, ranging from golden brown to chocolate. Consider the warm browns, and you could have some golden undertones as well, such as Sofia Vergara has.

According to the professionals, when it comes to the celebrity hair color you should know that ashy brown could be pulled off by just any person. Another thing to know is that this hair color is suitable for the women looking for low maintenance hair colors. To make sure that you don’t look washed out, opt for the warmer hues.

Muted ombre hair color

Olivia Wilde is known as the champion of this hair color of celebrities. The actress naturally has blonde color, but she has chosen to have dark brown color at the roots and dark brown at the tips of the hair. The transition is low, but the effects are everything but subtle.

The advantage of this celebrity hair color is that it makes your hair look full and textured. So instead of thinking about black and blonde combination, you should think about combining colors of the same hair color family or within maximum two shades.

Red hair color

Then it comes to the hair color of celebrities, the redheads are getting softer. One of the best options out there is the hair color of Drew Barrymore. If this is a color that you would like to try, keep in mind that red hair color is high maintenance and you will need to use products especially created for this hair color.

When looking for this celebrity hair color, opt for the violet or blue based red colors for the cool skin tones and orange based ones for the warm skin tones.


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