How to Tackle an Oily Skin

Many of us are familiar with the living nightmare that it was, to wake up in the morning and find a layer of oil on our faces. It doesn’t get much better throughout the day, when the powers of pollution, dust and grit combine with the oil on your face to make a major mess.

Skin becomes oily when there is an excessive sebum production; the ‘T’ zone or the areas around your forehead and nose, tend to be most oily because of the oil glands present in those areas. Blame your genes, the humid weather where you live, or your hormones-they won’t take your oily skin away. So let’s take a look at some ideas that will.

How to Tackle an Oily Skin

Here are some ways that you can tackle an oily skin:


Funny as it may sound, oil based cleansers are actually designed keeping in mind the requirements of a greasy skin. However, if you’re not comfortable with putting on oil based products, opt for cleansers that contain salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a great ingredient for exfoliation, cleaning buildup that causes pimples and oil reduction.

Hydrate your skin

People with an oily skin have a tendency to keep away from moisturizers altogether. True, a thick and creamy moisturizer can clog your pores but it is essential to keep your skin hydrated with lightweight lotions, gels or even serums. This helps in nourishing the skin’s outer layer, which fights against external irritants.

Tone down the toner

Excessive use of toner is counter-productive. Though people with oily skin tend to make an instinctive reach for the toner, alcohol based toners can make your skin super dry, signaling the oil glands to work more actively towards producing even more oil. Use natural, plant based toners instead, to soothe your skin.

Wash only twice

Washing your face multiple times can make you feel fresh and clean but it’s definitely not doing your oily skin any good as it strips your face of moisture, leading it to secrete more oil. In fact, a person with an oily skin should wash their face less frequently than a person with a drier skin type.

Washing your face once in the morning and once at night is thought to be enough. Also, make sure that you are gentle and wipe your face with a soft cloth.

Choose the right makeup and remove it too

Using the right makeup is key to maintaining your skin’s health. Your skin should be able to breathe and any product that clogs you pores can lead to an acne buildup. Use light foundations, look for oil free, matte products. Once you’re home, be sure to remove your makeup by washing your face or at least with a cleanser.

Don’t be late to meet the dermatologist

We know times can get trying and you can get desperate. But don’t slap on all possible products that you think might help. Often, they do more harm than good. Don’t keep guessing and don’t wait for too long. Take an appointment with dermatologist to get a guided treatment.


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