Protein Treatment-A Boon for your Hair!

Protein is the most important nutrient for your hair as Keratin, the main component of hair consists mainly of protein. Protein in the diet helps the body to produce keratin which is very important for the overall health and strength of hair.

Though you can include needed amount of protein in your diet, but there are many external protein treatments for hair available these days. There are a lot of treatments which can restore the amount of proteins required, thus giving you the shiny and soft hair which you always long for.

protein treatment a boon for your hair

Below given is some important information about protein treatments for hair which you should know before heading towards getting the treatments done.

What is a Protein Treatment?

A protein treatment is a procedure conducted on your hair where the nutrient is supplied externally in order to strengthen the hair follicles. These are important to be conducted to promote hair growth and protecting the hair from breakage and other damage caused due to external elements like pollution.

Types of Protein Treatment

The type of protein treatment which would be given to you would depend firstly on the type of hair, which is dry, oily, frizzy or normal hair and secondly on the intensity of damage which has been caused to your hair. Below given are some types of protein treatments.

Light Protein Treatments

These can be conducted on hair which is slightly damaged. There are different light protein conditioning masks and serums available in the market which can be used regularly. Always start with this type of protein treatment.

Natural Protein Treatments

This includes using natural protein rich ingredients like egg, yogurt, oatmeal, honey and glycerin as hair masks. Even natural treatments are light protein treatments but the only difference is that there are no chemical products used at all.

Deep Penetrating Protein Treatments

These protein treatments are ideal for moderately damaged hair. If the light protein treatments are not really helping you, you can try switching to this one.

Reconstruction Protein Treatments

This is protein treatment needed for severely damaged hair. If you think your hair is damaged beyond limits, you can go for this treatment but make sure you do not this at home and visit a salon for it as it requires correct proportions of products to be used.

Procedures of Conducting Protein Treatments

The protein treatments are usually conducted by applying protein rich masks and packs to the hair and providing steam to the hair so that the nutrients get absorbed in the strands easily. The masks are kept for some time depending upon the type of treatment and later the hair is washed and dried.

Importance of Protein Treatments

  • Protein treatments help your hair retain their natural shine and softness.
  • Damages like breakage of hair, brittleness, split ends, dryness and frizzy hair are immediately cured with the help of effective protein treatments.
  • These treatments are indeed a wonder for your hair as they totally revamp the way your hair looked in terms of its texture.


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