The Top Minerals to Try for Beautiful and Healthy Hair

Everyone wants beautiful and healthy hair but due to several reasons, achieving this objective may seem challenging. Several factors like diet, lifestyle habits, genetic makeup and unhealthy hair care habits may be affecting your hair health and may make it difficult for you to get healthy mop of hair. If you wish to improve upon your hair health, then you can try out the following given minerals:

top minerals to try for beautiful and healthy hair


Calcium is one of the minerals which are known to support hair growth and hair strengthening. This mineral makes hair appear denser and makes them move continuously through the scalp.  Some of the foods in which this mineral is found include dairy products, beans, nuts, yeast, tofu and fish etc.  Calcium provides the best results when it is combined with magnesium. Hence make sure you consume it in combination with magnesium rich foods like grains and green vegetables etc.


Another superb mineral which works excellently for hair is copper. Copper is great for preventing hair loss and also makes hair thicker and hence denser. It maintains the natural color of the hair and some of the foods through which it can be added to diet include meat, eggs, grains, chicken and beans.


Iron is yet another mineral which has a wonderful impact on hair health. Not only does iron help to prevent hair loss but also leads to hair strengthening and care.  Iron is also found in foods that contain copper and these include grains, meat, eggs, beans and chicken etc.


If you wish to keep your hair growing at a fast pace, then you must include manganese in your diet. There are several other benefits of this mineral for hair health and these include hair strengthening, hair color maintenance and overall good hair health. Some of the foods through which you can derive manganese include grains, avocado, beans,nuts, eggs, meats and fish.


What potassium does is that it provides regular circulation to the scalp and this enables the various nutrients to travel to the scalp and lead to hair growth. This very factor makes potassium good for the hair health as well.


Selenium is an important mineral which provides good blood circulation and also makes the hair appear supple and shiny.  Selenium can be added to the diet by eating foods like grains, meats and dairy products.


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