7 Best Hair Vitamins to Deal with Hair Loss

At some point in life, almost all of us have experienced hair fall and hair thinning problems. Knowing that hair is a vital part of how good-looking you are, it is important to take utmost care of your hair. Before going for treatments and remedies for hair loss, it is important to follow a healthy diet, rich in nutrition and vitamins.

It is imperative for all of us to know whether or not we are taking vitamins rich diet because this plays a huge role in preventing the problem of hair thinning. Given below is the list of vitamins that are essential for hair care and for dealing with hair loss issues:


Vitamin A is known to increase the production of scalp oil, thereby preventing hair dryness and dandruff issues. Scalp oil called sebum is produced with the help of vitamin A, which helps in strengthening your hair and also enriches your hair texture.

vitamin a


The intake of Vitamin B is essential for hemoglobin, which acts as a carrier of oxygen to the scalp. Amongst many B Vitamins, the best vitamins to fight with the problem of hair loss are Vitamin B-6, Biotin, Inositol and Para amino benzoin vitamin.


This is the most important vitamin for preventing hair thinning. People who are genetically pre-disposed to the problem of baldness are advised to take folic acid in good amounts. The intake of folic acid can be done in the form of lentils, papaya, peas etc.


Vitamin C is responsible for the production of healthy collagen. Collagen is a product that is very helpful in decreasing the amount of hair fall and hence prevents hair thinning in the future.

vitamin c


Hair follicles can be treated with the intake of Vitamin D. Due to the deficiency of Vitamin D in your body, you may experience the problems of psoriasis and chipped scalp. It may cause irritation and hence result in hair fall.


This is another important vitamin that fights the problem of hair fall. Omega 3 is rich in three nutrients ALA (alpha linoleic acid), EPA (ecoisapentaionic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenioc acid), that together helps to retain the hair density.


For having a regular circulation of blood in the scalp, it is important to have vitamin E in your diet. It also produces vitamin oils that prevents scalp dryness and hence controls the problem of hair thinning.


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