Top 5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Curly Hair

Curly hair is the most difficult type of hair as far as caring and managing is concerned.  Curly hair becomes frizzy very soon and hence to care for it on a daily basis is no piece of cake and requires your effort, time and devotion.  But with the following useful tips and ways, you can easily tame that curly bunch of hair:

Curly Hair

1. Shampooing

If you have curly hair, then you must pick up a nice quality curl-enhancing shampoo which can add important vitamins to your hair and give them the volume that they require.  Also remember that you must not shampoo your hair more than two times in a week.  Don’t forget to apply conditioner after shampooing to give your hair the moisturization it requires.

2. Brushes

People with straight hair and those with curly hair need different types of combs and brushes.  So if you have curly hair, you must avoid using narrow-toothed combs and brushes.  These types of combs and brushes make your curly hair frizzier and make it difficult for you to tame them. So pick wide toothed brushes for better results.

3. Detangling

The one major different in straight hair and curly hair is detangling them.  This is an important process for curly haired people and it must be started with your fingers.  After untangling with your fingers for a while, use a wide toothed comb from roots to the tips.  Also, after detangling in the shower, rinse your hair once more and remember not to detangle when hair are dry.

4. Blow Drying

If you have curly hair, then blow drying is not recommended or suggested.  You must dry your hair with air so as to make it look less frizzy and dry.  Also remember not to rub your hair but do blotting with a towel.  This will help in drying it up faster without the need for a blow dryer.

5. Styling

If you want to do styling with your curly hair, then you must remember to use those products which include moisturizing ingredients.  These types of products not only prevent frizz but also give them a shiny and polished look.  You can also apply mousse while your hair is wet to give your curls a healthy look.  Another product which you can use for a great finish is a hair serum that helps to maintain the natural shine.

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