Benefits of Using Avocado as a Hair Care Product

Being a nutritious fruit, avocado has gained the concentration of most of the nutritionist who are unanimously acclaimed it as a complete food.

Avocado is enriched with protein, Vitamin A, E, C, K, B6, folate, fiber, potassium as well as copper and hence it has become one of the most important ingredients for treating various hair ailments. History says that it was the Egyptians who first discovered the benefits of avocado as a hair care product and also utilized it to prevent hair loss and to promote hair growth.

benefits of using avocado as a hair care productHere some benefits of avocado as a hair care product is being summed up.

Enhances Moisturizer

Comprised with monosaturated oil, avocado has the capacity of penetrating into the cortex of your hair strand. Among other natural oils, only few oils have this unique feature. Hence it is quite capable enough to moisturize your hair and enhance its quality. Either you can mix it up with your store bought product or combine with homemade whipped butter.

Hydrates your Scalp

For bouncy, shiny hair, along of moisturizing your hair, it is very importnat to moisturize your scalp as well. Just like other essential oils it does not create any greasy film on the scalp. It easily dissolves in the epidermis and moisturizes your dry scalp.

Useful for Finger Detangling

Though many natural oils acts as natural detangle, in particular avocado has the capability of lubricity and produce slip without any greasy feelings. It results into less damage at the time of detangling.

Enhances Pre-Poo Treatment

Incorporation of avocado oil into pre-poo treatment would be beneficial for your hair. Preferable you can mix it with any conditioner of your choice or any essential oils be it coconut or may be other to protect hair damage.

Avocado Adds Sleep to a Deep Conditioner

To increase elasticity in your hair, addition of avocado oil with conditioner would be advantageous as it contain perfect consistency of creating lubricity as per your need.

Applying at the end of your Hair before Undoing Braids or Twists

While you are preparing yourself for undoing your braids or twists of the hair, it is always advisable to apply avocado oil at the end of the hair in order to prevent breakage as well as to ease the procedure.

Massaging the Edges of the Hair

Avocado oil is always recommended by experts for massaging the edges of the hair. It does not get clogged just like other oils and hence the result would be lees acne on the forehead.


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