Does Trimming Split End Really Help? Know How

Split ends are the splitting or fraying of hair which occurs due to unhealthy practices of day to day life. They make your hair look rough, dry and frizzy, making one’s appearance equally unpleasant.

It is the improper ways of hair care which are practiced for years, wrong ways of brushing hair and harsh chemical treatments which majorly lead to split ends. They may also occur if a person is malnourished, excluded from enough source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

This does not allow the natural oils produced by the hair follicles to travel down the tip of the hair strands making it frizzy and dry.

Does Trimming Split End Really Help? Know How

Studies showed that hair of human beings are made up of three parts –

  • Cuticle( the outer layer)
  • Cortex ( the middle layer)
  • Medulla (the inner layer).

The cuticle holds and binds the cortex, protecting everything that’s inside it like moisture and pigments. Split ends happen when the cuticle or the outer layer of the hair is depleted leaving the middle layer or the cortex exposed.

The most effective way of getting cured

As the competitive market promises about its number of products which are available for hair care, trimming stands as one of the best ways to get rid of split ends within few minutes or hours. The products available can promise to heal one’s hair in few days, weeks or months but trimming of hair is lot safer and faster way to heal the problem. Using of products which are made by numerous chemicals can affect the hair in other ways causing other forms of hair damages.

So, the best way is to trim off the hair to get rid of this ridiculous problem. Most women think that trimming leads to a reduction of hair length which is a harsh reality but carrying on with the unpleasant pattern of hair is worse than carrying on with short length. Split ends (trichoptilosis) don’t just ruin good hair, but also damage healthy hair and worsen the condition of the hair which is already damaged. Split ends cannot glue back together. Brushing, shampooing, blow-drying and styling, coloring, straightening, pollution etc. also cause damage to the outer layer or the cuticles.

What do the Experts say?

Experts say that if cuticles are damaged, their repair is irreversible. They have also added that once the cortex is exposed, the shaft of the hair is likely to split and when this happens it becomes impossible to repair the breakage. So you are advised to cut it off and remove the cause from its roots, which means to trim them for a better future as cutting also prevents them from rising further up the hair shaft and causing more damage to the hair.

So it is always a better option to trim the hair than to fight alone the battle of split ends for months and years hoping that one day it would end automatically without losing the maintained length of the hair. Here it becomes important to kick out the problem from roots than to pet it for months and welcoming other relatable problems.


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