Adding Volume To Hair With These Simple Ideas

You often have those days, don’t you, when the mirror in the morning feels like a disaster with the scarce hair on your scalp that makes you feel so devastated. There are but ways you could really handle that and save that miserable feeling! Little hair is a problem with many but handling it to look voluminous is just a little fashion art. Not even the parlour touch is always necessary; you could simply fix the problem at home. Here are some simple ways how you can add volume to hair –

 Layer and step cut

 The best haircut for women who do not have very thick hair is the haircut which is a mixture of layers and step cut. The shorter frontline cut with longer step back flow of the hair gives the hair an instantaneous volume. The hair setting can thus even be preserved and a shampoo wash can get back the look.

 Choosing right products and the right shampoo

 You must be very careful about what products you use for the hair and the proper shampoo you choose. Various shampoos might cause increased hair fall or cause the hair to look thinner by collecting it all into a light fall. The shampoos that cause increase in volume by freeing the roots is what you must choose.

 Brushing the hair the right way

brushing hair

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 You must collect all you hair at the end and hold them to brush them backwards to the roots. The hair must then be arranged with fingers to add a voluminous look.

The parting of your hair must not be constant. Shift the parting to get a volume increase while you style your hair.

 Drying hair technique

Drying hair technique

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 While blow drying your hair at home use a brush to lift the hair at the roots. This adds significant volume to your hair. Also remember to blow dry your hair upside down. You could stand or use the bed to hang the head and do it.

 Using sprays

Using sprays

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 A number of hair lifting sprays are available in the market. You could use one of them or even use a volume increase spray after you set your hair with the upside down blow dry. This will keep your volume longer and hair style intact for a longer period.


The other possible way of adding volume to hair is clipping in an extension that suits your hair colour and texture just perfect.


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