6 Tips and Tricks to Avoid Split Ends

No matter how hard we try to maintain our hair quality and health, but at one time or other your hair start splitting. Though it may be a straight hair, curly hair or wavy hair we still battle with split ends and this is the one we will never win. Follow the below 6 helpful tips and treat the split ends treatment naturally at your home.

Tips to prevent split ends with basic styling techniques

Any hair type split ends can be avoided by following and fixing the below common styling mistakes which we face in our daily life. All these 6 are effective hair treatment for split ends and helps you to avoid split ends in future.

6 Tips and Tricks to Avoid Split Ends

  1. Hair Hygiene

When it comes to hair hygiene, we feel that we are taking 100% care of our hair. You need to shower in the proper way, after a shower you should not toss your hair in a bun on your head, instead of that, you should just hop it is a perfect way to stay very healthy. Hair washes daily will repair your hair and make your hair smooth, silky and protects it. Make sure that you are not over washing hair; over washing your hair is equal to over-drying your hair.

  1. Brushing correctly

Choosing a perfect hair brush is important. First, you need to pick the hair brush for daily brushing, you can choose cushioned paddle brush, should have flexible bristles, this can easily detangle your hair. If you choose hard bristles, with plastic brushes can tug and rip the hair. The second this is using the brush in a proper way, do not pick up the hairbrush and tug it down the hair from root to tip. Start doing from down and later go on top, if you do from the top it may tangle clump at the ends of your hair. So, first concentrate on the knots and comb bottom part then go from the top.

  1. Shampooing your hair

Do not use an excess of shampoo on your head and start scrubbing all over your hair. Rubbing and bending your hair can way you have chances of developing split ends. Instead, start normally shopping first let hair hang down, simply lather shampoo onto your scalp, and then let the ends of your hair experience the second sub as you rinse the shampoo through your hair and away down the drain.

  1. Condition your ends

Using a conditioner is good for your split ends. You should apply your conditioner on the split ends of your hair after that leave it undisturbed for a couple of minutes and rinse it off.  Make sure that you are not rinsing the hair conditioner completely but you should feel little greasy on your hair.  Which will protect your hair and condition your hair naturally?

  1. Tricks to towel dry your hair

Everyone has a habit of scrubbing and rubbing the hair with a towel after the shower. By doing this the wet hair, can twist, become weak and leads to breakage and hair fall. As an alternative, you can wrap a towel around hair and squeeze slowly at different areas to draw moisture out.

  1. Trimming 

Proper care will allow you to stretch trim appointments to every six to eight weeks mat be longer just keep watch. If you notice a random split ends along the way grab a pair of scissors and take care of it right then. Trimming is one of the best split end remedies.

Know your split hair types

  • Traditional split
    The most common type of split end. The result of dryness, friction, and a host of other causes.
  • Baby split
    The beginning of a normal split end. Hurry up and cut this type of split before it worsens.
  • Triple Split
    A weakened cuticle layer causes the cuticle to peel away from a strong cortex.
  • Double Y split
    A traditional split where the branches are forming new splits.
  • Incomplete split
    Rough styling causes the hair to weaken at a specific spot, but the hair fails to completely split.
  • Long split
    hair pins and other hair accessories cause the hair to weaken and split at a specific spot.
  • Deep Split
    Damage from chemicals or physical manipulation causes the cuticle to peel at a specific spot.
  • Tree split
    Caused by damage on one side of the hair shaft, usually from sun damage or frequently brushing the hair into a ponytail.

Interred of using costly hair care products and spending money on them, you can start taking care of the few things which will help you to handle the split ends and by these above-mentioned tips and trick you can get rid of split ends naturally.


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