Some Tips and Suggestions for Hair Care using Ayurveda

Hair is a vital parameter of beauty and makes an important part of a person’s personality. Every person, a male or a female, a young person or an old one cares about how he/she appears and for this, takes special care of their hair. But are over the counter products the only answer to proper hair care? Well the answer is no- hair care can only be done using natural methods such as Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic methods of hair care take into account diet, care and hygiene, massage and many other factors. Let’s read some tips for hair care using Ayurveda:

suggestions for hair care using ayurveda

  • One of the best tips for Ayurveda hair care is to include a lot of fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables and nuts to the diet. These foods promote hair health and are vital for its maintenance.
  • Ayurveda also states that harmful foods like caffeinated drinks, fried and greasy foods, spicy foods etc. must be avoided for proper hair care.
  • Ensuring that bowel movements are regular is a good way to keep the hair health in check.
  • One must drink a lot of water everyday in order to achieve healthy hair.
  • Apart from diet, it is also advisable according to Ayurveda that care and hygiene of hair must also be given its due importance. For this, regular washing and proper brushing is vital.
  • Lemon in a little amount can prove wonderful for hair and can make it look shiny and lustrous. You can add one tablespoon of lemon juice to half a tumbler of water and rinse your hair using this solution.
  • Some other products that can prove amazing for your hair include amla, shikakai and curd.
  • You can also make a mixture of curd, lemon, mustard oil and apply this paste gently on the hair. You can wash off your hair after 30 minutes of applying this and see the results yourself.
  • Massaging the scalp on a regular basis with warm oil is also a highly effective method of hair care using Ayurveda. Massaging the scalp helps to increase the blood flow and supports hair growth.
  • To treat dandruff, Ayurveda suggests using the method of fenugreek seed soaking and applying a paste over the scalp.
  • To treat hair loss, amla oil can be added to coconut oil and used as a hair tonic. This mixture can strengthen the hair and prevent hair thinning and hair falling.


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