5 Tips For Taking Good Care Of Your Permed Hair

Perms are basically chemicals applied to your hair temporarily breaking the bonds in your hair and enabling modification of the bonds. These chemicals help in adding permanent curls or removing curls permanently. Thus, a hair which has undergone such treatment is known as permed hair.

When you get a perm, you are making a commitment which is not easy to fulfill as permed hair needs special care. If you fail to provide sufficient care to your permed hair, then your hair might end up damaged.

5 Tips For Taking Good Care Of Your Permed Hair

In this article, we are going to guide you through 5 tips which help in maintaining permed hair.

1. Nourishment Of Hair

When you get a perm, your hair will undergo a lot of protein loss because every hair strand undergoes breaking and re-structuring of the protein bonds which provide shape to your hair. Thus, nourishment of hair should be your priority.

Try good quality products or make DIY protein hair packs for replenishing your hair with protein. Consult hair experts on how to nourish your hair without resorting to chemical-infused products to ensure that your permed hair stays healthy.

2. Conditioning

Permed hair dries out quickly because they are always in need of moisture, particularly in case of curly perms. Conditioning is one of the ways one can avoid hair damage and restore health to your hair.

Experts advise that people with permed hair should do deep conditioning at least twice every week. Following a couple of weeks, you areallowed to reduce the deep conditioning treatment to just once a week.

Deep conditioning not only helps in protecting and nourishing hair but also is therapeutic in nature. Either buy a good, highly rated conditioner from a store or make your own DIY conditioning masks which are even better as they lack chemicals.

3. Hunting for The Right Products

You will have to hit the market to get the right products for your permed hair, as it will not be feasible to use the products you used on your virgin hair. Perm makes your hair delicate and nutrient-deficient and thus, you will have to switch to gentler products that are not too harsh on your hair and supply sufficient moisture.

Go for products specially manufactured for permed hair—but remember to choose the products which are devoid of sulfates, chemicals which leech out moisture from hair.

4. More Conditioning, Less Washing

The rules of hair treatment change when you go perm. As noted earlier, permed hair needs a lot of moisture, and one way it can retain moisture for long is by you washing it less often. Washing hair too much drains away moisture and essential oils in your hair, and hence, the caution.

On the other side, you must condition your hair often to increase moisture retention capacity in your hair. Do not believe in the myth that conditioning relaxes your curls—they don’t!

5. Trim

You must keep your permed hair healthy by keeping off the damaged hair. So, go for regular trims, usually every 6-7 weeks to get rid of the damaged hair and stop them from spreading. It does not matter whether you want to grow your hair longer; do not forget to trim.


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