Myths Debunked for Hair Drying

One may have long locks or curly hair, frizzy hair or they may have their own unique hair challenges. Separating hair fallacies from the real facts will definitely help you concentrate on things that might actually help your hair to grow healthy and look unique. Some of the most popular hair myths or fallacies have been discussed below to help you know the truth about hair.

Myths Debunked for Hair Drying

1. Frequent Trimming of your hair makes it grow faster.

You must have heard about this myth a thousand times, haven’t you? Well unfortunately according to research, frequent trimmings do not actually make your hair grow at a faster pace. It actually has no effect as while you are trimming you are actually cutting or eliminating the split ends which might often make your hair look thin at the bottom. Only the follicles that are present in the scalp determine the speed of your hair growth. So if you are actually trying to grow your hair out, you must get a trim done every 7-8 weeks to keep the split ends at bay while your hair grows freely.

2.  Stress causes grey hair to develop at a faster rate

The early growth or the faster growth of grey hair is determined by the genes. Practically even the easiest going person who has no stress in his life can get grey hair if he has it in his genes. So if one is genetically exposed to the greying process, stress can actually accelerate it. So stress is not a direct factor of greying, it is just a support.

3. If you pluck out a grey hair, 2 will grow back in its place.

Fortunately, this one is also false. Pulling out 2 strands of grey hair would not actually affect the composition of grey hair on your head, but they will come back as grey only.But such pulling out or plucking out of hair is not advisable. Excessive plucking could damage your scalp and the follicles. This would prevent proper hair growth from that site. So let your hair take the color of grey.

4. One should wash their hair right before coloring it so it’s the cleanest possible way to let the colorstick.

This time it is partially correct. Actually, a better way is to keep your head dirty before coloring because the dirt and the natural oil present in your hair would actually protect it from being damaged by any potential irritants. So it is advised to wash your hair 2 days prior coloring.

5. Using a conditioner makes the hair greasy.

The conditioner that you use after shampooing is actually for the benefit of your hair as it nourishes and protects your hair. Greasy hair is actually caused when too much of sebum or the natural oil produced from the scalp accumulates in your head. You must remember to apply the conditioner on the ends of your hair and not on your scalp for better results.

These are some of the well-known myths you must ignore. Always remember that proper cleaning and proper brushing is the best way to take care of your hair.


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