How Improve the Strength of your Hair?

Hair loss and hair breakage are common problems that most women face these days and this is due to their lifestyle as they hardly have time to follow a proper hair care routine. Moreover, your hair is subjected to many harmful chemicals present in hair grooming products and also the polluting gases present in the air. Coloring can also affect your hair adversely and while it makes your hair look good, hair strength is something you should be more concerned about. Below given are few simple hair strengthening tips that are really effective:

improve the strength of your hairAvoid using too many Hair Products on your Hair

The proverb ‘less is more’ is apt for hair care products. Shampoos, conditioner, gels etc. can cause permanent damage to your hair follicles and hence, use them less. Many people use these products every day and if you are amongst them, then stop immediately. These can make your hair brittle and dry and also wash away the natural oil present in your scalp that is responsible for the strength and shine of your hair. Go for natural and organic products for best results.

Avoid using Heat on your Hair

Hair straighteners, hair curling irons and blow dryer also make your hair dry and increase the chances of hair breakage due to excess heat. Avoid using these as much as possible and if you really have to use any of these, then limit the time of exposure of your hair and scalp to the direct heat. Stick to natural styling methods.

Massage Coconut Oil Twice a Week

This is time tested technique that actually works. Coconut oil strengthens your hair and also makes your hair shine. This is also a cost effective way of improving the health of your hair. It works as a natural lubricant and nourishes your hair from the roots to the tips. Coconut oil also prevents hair loss and works perfect for you if you have sensitive and brittle hair. Massage your hair with coconut oil and wait for 20-30 minutes before washing your hair.

Trim your Hair every 3-4 Weeks

If you have brittle hair, then trim your hair at least once in a month as this would improve the strength of the hair and also prevent split ends. Hire a professional hair cutter for best results.

Eat a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is great for your skin and avoid taking in too much animal fat. Improve the intake of vitamin E and D.


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