How is Shea Butter Good for Hair

There are many benefits of Shea Butter and one of it is that it is amazing for the overall health and texture of your hair. Shea butter is fatty oil in solid form which is obtained from the nuts of the Karite trees which are ground in Central Africa. These nuts are crushed and boiled in order to obtain Shea butter.

The main chemical components of Shea butter are stearic acid, oleic acid and linoleic acid. It quickly gets absorbed in the skin as well as the scalp and since this butter is extracted manually, it retains is nutritional value for a long time. Below given are some of the benefits of Shea butter for your hair.

shea butter good for Hair

Soothes Dry Scalp

Shea butter is rich in moisture and hence, it is very beneficial for dry scalp, itching scalp and dandruff. It has anti-inflammatory properties and it gets absorbed in the skin easily. It feels very greasy to the hands but it does not leave any oiliness on the scalp.


It is rich in Vitamin A and E which repair hair damage, breakage, and dandruff and split ends. It also helps fight eczema and psoriasis.

Moisturizes the Scalp

Shea butter is one of the best natural moisturizers for skin as well as hair. It is effective in locking the moisture in your scalp as well as your hair strands so that they do not look rough and dry. It can be used on curly hair in order to define the curls properly. Chemical treatments snatch away the natural moisture of the hair which can easily be retained with Shea butter.

Protection of Hair

Shea butter can effectively protect your hair from sun damage, harmful effects of pollution and weather. It repairs the already caused damage to your hair and builds up a protective layer after getting effectively absorbed in the hair.

Softens the Hair

Shea butter is the best if you want soft and shiny hair. It has properties which provide a natural sheen to the hair and make them soft and silky. For this, you can apply Shea butter evenly to your scalp and hair and keep it overnight. Wash it with a mind shampoo next day. Make sure you cleanse properly.

Using Shea butter is very essential if you want healthy and beautiful hair and you need not worry about spending on expensive hair care products as well.


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