Hair Washing- Know How Often to Wash?

To have healthier and stronger looking hair, shampooing less often is considered better. There is no definite answer to how many times one should wash their hair because it depends upon your hair texture, styling choices and of course personal preference. But there is a definite interval after which you should shampoo your hair to maintain your hair strength, softness and quality.

hair washing know how often to wash

  • The density of your hair, the oil content in your scalp and the dryness scale is all dependent upon how often do you wash your hair. Basically, shampoo is applied on your hair to remove dirt and extra oil that accumulates after every 2-3 days. When shampoo is applied frequently on your hair, it leads to excessive dryness and therefore results in increased number of hair breakage. It is therefore recommended that one should wash their hair not daily but after fixed number of days, to avoid excessive loss of hair.
  • Our hair has a natural tendency to produce hair oil that is called as sebum and some amount of sebum should be stored in your scalp for maintaining hair strength. When excess of shampoo is applied, it acts as an emulsifier, thereby pulling out the extra dirt and the needed serum from the scalp. It is therefore advised that one should wash their hair every alternate day or follow a regular pattern such as washing hair on Monday, Thursday and Saturday or on Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday.
  • If you have wavy hair, washing your hair thrice a week is sufficient. When your hair starts to look dry, you can apply conditioner. Make sure that the amount and the quality of the shampoo used should suit your hair type. Excessive shampooing may result in hair breakage and split ends, thereby giving you messy looks.
  • If you have an extremely oily scalp, you might also shampoo daily to avoid the problems of lice, dandruff and on the whole to prevent acnes on your forehead. People with oily scalps are more prone to the acne problems therefore they are advised to shampoo frequently and condition the hair well. You can take shampoo just enough to freshen up your hair and not much to evade dryness in your scalp because daily shampooing weakens the hair roots and results in bad hair texture.

Some people think that they have the problem of dandruff due to dry hair. Dandruffs and lice are also born out of frequent use of shampoo because of the heavy chemicals that are applied on your scalp. It is therefore advised to wash at regular intervals to have healthier and stronger hair.


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