6 Hair Wash Tips You Should Keep In Mind

Hair wash is one thing which most of us do not do right. Many think that it is just about rubbing and washing up hair haphazardly; but, honestly, it is more than that. In fact, if you do not hair wash right, then the health of your hair might get affected—something you would not want to happen. So, we have decided to help!

In this article, we have listed 6 tips one should keep in mind when washing hair.

6 Hair Wash Tips You Should Keep In Mind

1. Never Skip The First Step: Oiling

Oiling is the most important requirement of hair wash, and you should almost never skip it unless you have some real cogent reasons. Oiling is an established method of retaining essential oils which we often lose upon shampooing—and, for your information, these oils are extremely important for maintaining moisture in your hair and preventing entanglement.

All you need to do is to oil your hair at least two or three hours prior to ahair wash. You should consider massaging your head with olive, mustard or coconut oil, as they are considered most effective at oil retention.

2. Do Not Forget To Brush Your Hair

Brushing your hair before shampoo has many benefits: it increases blood circulation, opens up pores and reduces the formation of excessive oil. Moreover, brushing will un-entangle the knots and prevent hair fall during shower.

3. Rinse Sufficiently

Yes, before you get down to shampooing, you need to prepare your hair. How do you do that? Well, you rinse it thoroughly. With the help of warm water—not hot water, as it can dry up hair— rinse your hair. Warm water causes the pores to open up, loosens up the dirt accumulated in the pores, and enables the hair to effectively absorb conditioner or oil.

4. Getting Rid Of The Extra Water

After having shampooed your hair, you may want to apply conditioner to it; but you should not apply it without squeezing out excess water. Get a towel or simply use your fingers to shake out the excess water. In case you have long hair, do the squeezing from the mid portion to the end.

One really important tip: do not be rough while squeezing out water, as your hair will be fragile when wet and hair fall is inevitable if not properly handled.

5. Patience While Conditioning Hair

Many people hurry up the conditioning process without realizing that patience is the key. You need to take your time while conditioning in order to ensure better results. Apply a small amount of the conditioner to your hair and leave it like that for about five minutes before rinsing it thoroughly.

You must make sure that conditioner is completely washed out or otherwise leftover conditioner may result in building up of oil.

6. Choose The Right Shampoo

A very basic tip, but, alas, the most overlooked one indeed is finding the right shampoo. You must ascertain the type of hair you have and then decide on a shampoo which suits your kind the best. For example, in case you have dry hair, a creamy shampoo is preferred.


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