6 Hair Tips To Follow While Travelling

Travelling can take a toll on your body, and while we may not notice, it is quite damaging to the hair too. Hair care becomes all messed up and often reckless during travelling, especially a vacation when we are occupied with excitement. We would forget to brush our hair or skip wash, a number of times, and this makes our hair weak and vulnerable to the new environment.

Many complain that there are no effective ways to hair care during travelling, but, quite contrary to the popular belief, there are a few tips which are simple and can be implemented easily unless you put aside that lethargic attitude for some time.

In this article, we have 6 tips which can help you take care of your hair during travel.

6 Hair Tips To Follow While Travelling

1. Oiling Your Hair

If you want to maintain healthy hair throughout travel, you must oil your hair. The idea behind the advice is that oiling protects your hair in many ways: it strengthens hair roots, prevents split ends, and in case you are off to a beach vacation, it will protect your hair from thesalt present in the water when you take a dip.

2. Protect Your Hair From The Sun

Sun can be really brutal to your hair, and therefore, you should try as much as possible to guard your hair against it. You should wear a scarf or a hat, and if you can, put on some anti-UV spray or cream on your hair to prevent your hair getting overheated or, worse, burnt.

3. Be Comfortable With Your Hair

We might like having our hair let loose and swung with the breeze but do not overboard with that. Instead of letting them loose, you should go for a loose bun or braid to guard your hair against dust or getting twisted and entangled.

4. Carry Hair Accessories

You should always have hair supplies with you, especially when you are travelling because you never know when you will need them. Hair accessories such as hair clips or bobby pins do not take much space and can be really good help.

5. Be Aware Of The Climate Of The Place You Are Visiting

Make sure you know the climatic conditions of the place you are travelling in order to take effective measures for the protection of your hair. For example, if the destination is humid and your hair gets all frizzy under humid conditions, then you will be prepared and can pack all essentials.

As they say—Preventionis better than cure!

5. Avoid Using Free Products

At your lodging, you might be offered free hair care items to use, and many of us quite excitedly use these products without realising that they can be potentially dangerous. Unless your accommodation is some really expensive hotel, you should expect cheap personal care products for your use.

Carry your own hair care products such as shampoo, conditioner, and whatever else you have and avoid using the ones at your lodgings. If you have forgotten your essentials, head out and buy them.

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