Hair Care Tips to follow after Swimming

Swimming is undoubtedly one of the best forms of exercise and by swimming you burn a lot of calories. The swimming pools have chlorine water in them, which proves to be harmful to the skin and hair and hence, it is necessary that you take good care of your hair after swimming.

Chlorine effect leads to chemical changes within the hair components and changes the physical properties of the hair. It brings a change to the color, oil and protein content of the hair and thereby leads to damage in long run.

Chlorine salt crystallization on the hair can damage the hair cuticles, accelerating hair fall and weakening hair shafts. Thus in order to take care of your hair after swimming you can follow the below mentioned tips.

hair care tips to follow after swimmingCleanse your Hair

As soon as you get out of pool, it is necessary that you cleanse your hair. Take a shower and lather your hair with the help of a good cleansing shampoo. This will eliminate chlorine from the hair and keeps your hair healthy and clean. This will also help in preserving the colour of your hair.

Use a Good Conditioner

By using conditioner, your hair will be soft and shiny. This does not lead to drying of hair and keeps your hair moisturized.

Use Mild and Nourishing Oil

Oil massage is essential to keep hair healthy and nourished. Hence, soon after you swim, you should make sure to wash your hair and once it dries, massage your hair with the help of good oil. Hair oils like coconut oil, castor oil etc. are recommended for this purpose.

Cut your Hair Short

If you have been swimming for a long time and have not followed any of the above mentioned tips, probably your hair have damaged deeply. Hence, to get a fresh hair growth, it’s advisable to go for a hair-cut. You can cut your hair short and then continue with swimming and later make sure to follow the above mentioned tips on a regular basis.

The swimming pools use chlorine for purifying the water and hence, it is unavoidable if you are a regular swimmer. However, the above mentioned tips can definitely be followed for taking good care of your hair after swimming. Also, it is advised to take some precaution during swimming such as wearing caps and tying your hair within the cap as this will result in minimum damage to your hair.

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