The Best Hair Care Routine for Men

Hair care is not only for women who are known for long, black and bouncy tresses; but men as well can maintain a perfect look by pampering their hair. A proper hair care routine will ensure healthy hair for a long term and only then you can indulge in trendy hairstyles as brittle hair will be of no good! Proper cleaning, conditioning and nourishing are the basic steps to follow in a hair care routine – but there is more to this; follow the below mentioned steps for maintaining the best hair care routine.

best hair care routine for menChoosing the Right Shampoo

Cleaning hair with a shampoo should be the first step towards maintaining the best hair care routine for men. Wide ranges of shampoos are available in the market claiming the best than others. Therefore it seems to be bit confusing but you can try a few to know the one which best suits your hair.

Shampoo for Dandruff

A particular shampoo has to be chosen if you are suffering from dandruff. On this occasion as well you will get wide variety in the market which comes with active ingredients to prevent dandruff like salicylic acid, selenium sulfide, tar and many more. It is always advisable to use dandruff shampoo three to four times in a month. In spite of this if your dandruff still persist then it is preferable to consult with a doctor who will prescribe you a medicated shampoo.

Massaging at the Time of Shampoo

While you are doing shampoo never forget to softly massage your scalp. In a spider doing push up fashion you can use your finger balls massaging. After rinsing the shampoo with water gently dab your hair with dry towel in order to avoid tangles.

Using Conditioners

Just alike shampoos, conditioners for men are also available in profound numbers of formulas in the market. For short or straight hair conditioner can be just an option. Whereas for those who have kinky or curly or long hair; they must keep a separate time for conditioning hair. Similarly like shampoo you have to choose the right one which will suit you the most. It might happen that the inexpensive conditioner produces great result for your hair rather than the expensive one.

Proper Grooming

After conditioning the hair the next step would be utilizing proper tools for proper grooming. Always prefer to use combs which will have natural bristles. Wide toothed combs will be advisable for those who have curly hair.

Choosing Proper Styling

While choosing your hair styles always opt for the ones which you will be able to maintain with ease on your own.


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