6 Hair Care Myths You Should Not Care About

Everyone wants to take good care of their hair, but when we care for them, we get entrapped by a number of ridiculous myths which seem to have affected the whole hair care regime. If you want to ensure that your hair remains stronger and healthier, you must identify these myths.

You might be wondering where you should start. Do not worry, as we have enumerated a couple of them over here in this article for our loving readers. There are 6 hair care myths listed about which you should be really cautious.

6 Hair Care Myths You Should Not Care About

1. Cut Your Hair More For Faster Growth

It is a quite a prevalent and widely accepted myth that one should get their hair cut often so as to enable faster growth. Well, here is something really basic to dismantle this myth absolutely: it is the roots from which the hair grows, not the ends, and hence, a haircut has no implications on the hair growth. It is about hair follicles which, for your information, are a genetic trait.

2. Hair Becomes Accustomed To A Shampoo

Well, if you are one those whobelieves in this myth, you must have already changed a number of shampoos—you need to stop! Hair is composed of dead tissues and can never become addicted to a shampoo. In simple words, the effect of the shampoo won’t fade away with time.

A shampoo becomes less effective on hair due to many other factors, but that does not mean it gets used to a shampoo—that will never happen, folks!

3. We Can Recover Hair Ends

You are able to close hair ends for some time with the help of oils or special masks, but you should know that you cannot completely close them off and would need to cut them from time to time. Once split, forever split!

4. The More You Comb, The More Your Hair Heal

Combing your hair too much is a big NO-NO! Excessive combing causes distribution of skin oil and makes your hair more vulnerable to dust. Thus, combing does not really have any impact on hair; in fact, it may cause harm if not done properly.

In order to ensure better treatment to your hair, comb only when it is important in which small quantity of oil will be distributed, enabling your hair to look shinier and less dirty.

5. If You Pluck Out A Grey Hair, You Get Two Or More In Its Place

You should not pluck out a grey hair, but not because it will cause the growth of two or more grey hair in its place. The amount of hair is not depended upon proper nutrition or care so it would not cause the growth of more grey hair if you pluck one out. However, it is highly advised not to do so because it may cause ingrown hair or harm the follicle.

6. Cool Water Makes Your Hair Smooth

As noted earlier, hair is composed of dead tissue, and hence, the use of hot or cold water would not affect the condition of the cuticle and make your hair smooth.


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