Top Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid

For gorgeous, shiny and beautiful hair you need to pay close attention to the daily maintenance of your hair. Most of us are not aware of the small mistakes that we do to our hair and that ends up harming our tresses in long run.

To avoid all such practices, you need to educate yourself on what hair care conceptions are to be eradicated and replaced by better and proven methods of hair care. Here are some very common hair practices that are seen in our daily lives; avoid these and get some healthy potion to your lovely tresses – enjoy the cascading, bouncy, black and healthy hair.

hair care mistakes to avoidDo not Always Brush your Hair for Shine

If you always brush your for better shining then that should be considered as an unnecessary friction which may lead to breakage. You only need to nourish your hair with natural oils from root to its end; excessive brushing is not at all linked to hair shine.

Shampooing Everyday

Experts recommends to shampoo either every other day or every third day so that natural oil of your scalp should get enough time to nourish your hair from top to its end. Provided if you have oily hair then surely you need to shampoo all most every day but if you have dry hair then shampooing every third or fourth day will be preferable.

Combing Wet Hair

This is another mistake which all most every people does. You need to remember that wet hair has the probability of breakage more than dry hair. Hence when you opt combing your hair in wet mode it gets loose from the roots or follicle and thus breaks easily. It is advisable to detangle first slowly and smoothly with fingers and then comb your wet hair.

Improper Application of Conditioning

People only use conditioner to their ends of the hair in order to prevent flats. Whereas you must condition your scalp as well as root of the hair as the growth of hair only depends on the goodness of the root. Over conditioning is another problem on this note. You need to just apply enough conditioner in order to untangle snags and rinse out until the water runs clearly.

Skipping Heat Protection

Heat is considered as one of the major factor of damaging your hair. Despite knowing this fact people use curling, blow drying or flattering without any heat protection. Experts always recommend opting heat protective aid to save from harm the strands and smooth cuticles.

Using the Wrong Brush

For brushing your hair you must be cautious regarding the brush you use. For short or medium length hair you need to opt for small, round brush whereas longer as well as thicker hair demands larger brush.


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