8 Effective Ways to Remove Gum from Hair

Have you ever been stuck in a situation when you got gum on your hair and just couldn’t figure out how to get it out of there? Well sticking of gum on hair might happen to anyone, anytime and hence you must always be ready with a few tricks up your sleeve to get that gum out.  The following are the most effective 8 ways to remove gum from hair.

effective ways to remove gum from hair1. Use Peanut Butter

You can apply peanut butter on your hair to get the gum to become slippery and come out of the hair.  Use a toothbrush to rub it off so that it comes out quickly.  After doing this, shampoo that part of your hair to clean them completely.

2. Hair Silicone Drops Method

Another way is to use hair silicone drops on the affected part of the hair and then gently comb the hair to get it out.  Use shampoo in the hair for cleaning it completely.

3. Cooking Oil

Apply cooking oil to your hair on the gum and let it stay there for 2-3 minutes.  Gently comb the hair to get it off and then shampoo your hair.

4. Ice Method

Another method to get gum out is by using the ice method. In this particular method, soak your hair in icy water so that the temperature drops and the gum can be pulled off easily.  You can also use ice cubes on your hair for 15 minutes for getting it out completely.

5. Vaseline Method

Spreading Vaseline over your hair on the affected part of it is also yet another superb and very effective way to get the gum out.  After this, use a wide comb to get the gum to come out and then shampoo your hair.

6. Adhesive Remover

You can buy an adhesive remover from a medical store and then apply it on the part where the gum has stuck.  You can then rub the gum off using a tissue or a cotton cloth.

7. Hair Mousse

If you spray a little bit of hair mousse on your hair where the gum is stuck, then the gum will be easier to pull out using a comb.

8. Use Toothpaste

Using toothpaste on your hair on the affected part can also work wonders to get the gum out.  Make sure you only use a pea amount of the toothpaste and then wash your hair with shampoo to clean them completely.

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