6 Don’ts While Buying Hair Accessories

Colouring hair takes a lot of time and patience. What is more annoying about it is that salon will charge you a hefty amount which is quite close to giving you a stroke. So, why not save yourself from the trouble and color your hair at home?

Now, you might be wondering about the hassles one goes through while coloring at home. However, we, in this article, will guide you through 6 tips that yield amazing results and help you get DIY coloring done with fewer hassles.

6 Don'ts While Buying Hair Accessories

1. Never Trust The Lady On The Box

Yeah, we know about those gorgeous women on the pack which pull you into a make-believe world where you imagine your hair as beautifully colored as those women’s. But, you should not trust them!

The color of the hair of those women-on-the-packs is all imaginary and done to advertise the product as some magical solution to coloring. When you buy a color from the market, remain grounded and not hike your expectations unnecessarily.

2. Always Buy Two Boxes

This tip is absolutely important for those with hair running past shoulders and the ones with coarse hair. You should always consider buying two boxes carrying same shade to ensure that your hair gets full coverage.

3. Lighter Or Darker?

Always follow the rules: In case of apermanent dye, you should select a color which is a smidge darker than what you actually wanted; in case you are going for asemi-permanent dye, you should look for the shade which is lighter than what you wanted.

In the former case, there is thepresence of astrong developer, and in case of the latter, there is no developer which means they eventually get darker with time.

4. Do Not Forget About The Hair Texture

Hair texture plays a major role in DIY hair coloring, and therefore, you must not be ignorant of the same. For example, coarse or unruly hair absorbs color quicker, making them look bluish or shier. Medium Hair textures do not usually suck in color that easily and have a warmer tone, leaving behind reddish or copper-like undertones.

In case you have curly or unruly hair, always go for a color with warm tones such as copper, bronze or golden; those with straight hair should prefer cooler shades such as beige or champagne.

5. Only The Roots

It is a fact you should register in your mind that the hair ends are relatively porous and absorb color very easily, meaning thereby runoff from washing your roots can actually stain them.

In order to prevent all of this from happening, you should apply conditioner to the hair ends before your rinse off the color from the top of the head.

6. One Section After Another

Bifurcate your hair from the middle and divide the hair into four parts, with two going in front of the ears and the other two on the back. Remember to dye your hair from back to front and not otherwise to generate better results.


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