6 Hair Care Tips Men Should Follow

Quite contrary to what people think, men need to take as much care of their hair as women do. All the men reading this article should now realise that they cannot be reckless when it comes to maintenance of hair.

You need to follow a few simple tips and you can save your hair. What are those tips? Well, we have listed down 6 such tips that help a great deal in hair care. So, read along to know better.

6 Hair Care Tips Men Should Follow

1. No Over-Washing The Hair

Most men think that washing hair often does not really do any harm, but that is where they go wrong. You need to restrict hair wash to just 2 -3 times a week and must always remember conditioning it with a really good quality conditioner. The benefit includes healthy hair and prevention of loss of essential oils from the scalp.

2. Comb Reasonably

We all know that mini comb men carry around for emergencies—so use them only during emergencies, guys!

First of all, you need to get a good comb, and when you have one, do not use it over and over again. You will start losing hair quickly and this will totally kill your look.

3. Beware Of Chlorine

In case you are intoswimming, you need to protect your hair against chlorine which is found in pools. Chlorine is highly dangerous for your scalp since it results in your hair becoming excessively dry and brittle. A simple way of protecting your hair is to wet it with clean water and apply a good mild conditioner before diving into a pool—or you can get one of those swimming caps.

4. Do Not Go Overboard With Hair Products

You might be enticed by the huge range of greatness-claiming hair products out there, but you actually do not need all of them or apply them all the time. Applying too much of hair wax, hair gel or any other product gives a very unnatural look. It is always better to be reasonable about the use of products when you are styling your hair.

5. Avoid Frequent Cold Shower

If you did not know already, cold shower causes blockage of blood capillaries found in the scalp region, thereby preventing them from effectively carrying nutrients. This does not mean you take shower under hot water, as it will mess up the hair by extracting out essential oils. Always go for lukewarm water when it comes to hair wash.

6. A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is a remedy to most of our problems. You need to incorporate a well-balanced diet, do exercise, consume plenty of water and sleep enough. In fact, you should avoid stress as much as possible since hair fall is associated with it.

To add to your healthy regime, go for natural hair remedies for keeping your hair healthy and strong. and minimising the use of chemical-borne hair products.


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