10 Short Hair Trends for 2018

When you are too busy with your work or at your office, it is quite easy to be left behind in fashion. You don’t realize it until and unless you attend a wedding or a reception and feel quite old-fashioned. In this article 10 hottest and latest trends for sweet, classy and just plain but feisty short haircuts for women have been discussed. Go ahead and select the one that suits you best.

10 Short Hair Trends for 2018

1. Chic and stylish auburn wavy bob

This red shade of hair is subdued by adding a touch of beige to lighten the harsh effect of some shades of red. The inverted bob along with the broken semi wave pattern and the sharp straight tip is eye-catching.

2. The Silver Fox

If you are a blond or if you are tired of the greys then you must try the Silver Fox. The Silver Fox is a super trendy hair colour and is mainly suited for mature and confident women. The short cutting suites perfectly for a long face shape.

3. Trendy grey and blonde with a straight bob

Fine hair looks thin with a straight bob. The latest 3D colouring techniques are combining the balayage with ombre techniques to give a light reflecting effect which makes thin hair appear thicker, making the faded touchup the hottest trend.

4. Wild wavy movement in sharp but inverted bob

This is the latest trend that involves waves, styling and colour. The strong waves, the shaggy light layers and the rounded back around the face highlights the super modern twist on the well-known inverted bob.

5. Forward styled boy cut

The blonde cut has been in fashion for classy and stylish women for decades. Every new version of this haircut has something new to offer. The present trend is to show off your neck tattoo and fine hair with a light bungled finish.

6. Sharp and stylish brunette boy cut

Here’s the popular twist on the Eton-crop, with smoothly shaved back and sides and well styled forward movement. The delicate light highlights emphasize the deep purple shine along with the dark hair curves.

7. Waves-like black or grey and purple glamour

You may add an edgy shine to any short haircut using the lightly smoothened barrel waves and grey and purple colour to give a fabulous 3-D depth.

8. The unique touch from jagged layers

The forward styled short haircut is one of the popular cuts that suits the modern teen generation. The sharp cut around the ear with a short and blunt sidecut is an edgy touch up which highlights the notched layers.

9. Hot and red balayage cut with usual curls

This trendy curly short haircut combines the straight upward section and the roguish top curls. People love the unruly look of those uplifted curls that create an attractive volume below the crown down to the eyebrow regions. Adding copper red balayage gives the full-of-personality effect.

10. Soft beige-blonde on warm or pale skins

Light beige has been favoured by most. The shade includes a pinch of lavender-pink which goes well with the warm or pale skin. But you must take care of makeup so that the overall impression doesn’t seem too overrated.

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