Popular Hair Shades Across the Globe

The human race has always considered hair to be an important aspect in relation to beauty. Beautiful hair colour imparts a charm to the overall demeanour. The natural hair colour has always been tampered with and many shades have been introduced for a stunning affect.

During the Egyptian time, henna was used to dye hair to a splendid brown.  Over the ages the fondness for the most popular hair colour has altered and now ombre, auburn, blonde, brunette, mahogany and copper colours have markedly increased in popularity.

popular hair shades across the globe

Most Popular Hair Colours in the World


Ombre is a hair colour pattern where different shades of a particular colour ranging from light to dark blend with each other. In this technique surface treatment of hair is done. In this hair style, the darker colour remains at the root with gradual fading out towards the tip of the hair.


Blonde is light-coloured or fair hair and this concept has been brought to the world of fashion by the famous actress Marilyn Monroe with the release of the Hollywood blockbuster, Gentlemen prefer blondes. There are many kinds of blonde hair like the platinum blonde or bronde. Platinum blonde is mixing of blonde with white or in other words is bleached hair, whereas bronde is a mixture of brown with blonde. Platinum blonde requires a lot of upkeep.


The dark brown or black colour is referred to as brunette that comes from the French word brun, meaning brown –haired or dark-haired. The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine is responsible for the overwhelming increase in popularity of this colour.


This is a variant of red hair colour. This colour is imparted by the eumelanin and pheomelanin pigments.


This hair colour is a striking combination of brown with violet tone and is a very popular colour all over the world. It is especially suited for those who cannot carry red hair. This hair colour has elegance and renders magnificence to the over-all demeanour.


It is the dye prepared from the Mignonette plant and is used for cosmetic purposes. It is popular in India and the Middle East countries. The henna hair colour varies in shade from orange to auburn to burgundy depending on the type of hair and quality of hair colour. The Opera singer Adelina Patti has popularized the use of henna in Europe.

According to a survey in UK, the most popular hair colour is black, brown or dark brown. For many women the ombre look or highlight is highly desirable and is the ultimate fashion statement. In Japan, the teenagers are interested in the blonde colour, where as in India, only a handful go for the complete blonde look. Henna, Mahogany and Auburn are the preferred shades here. Thus the popularity of hair colour varies from region to region across the globe.


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