Know about the Latest Trends in Teen Boy Hairstyles

Teenaged boys are always on the search for trendy looks and stylish hairstyles. It is the age when they start developing their personalities and grows distinctive choices about dressing and flaunting.

Most likely, teen boys reflect their unique personalities through their hair and attires. Their hairstyles range in a wide diversity and it is not uncommon for some of them to opt for a new style everyday.

These hairstyles differ from each other with respect to hair color, texture as well as the length of the hair as they may be long, mid-length or even short. So let’s see a few teen boy’s hairstyles that are trending these days.

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Top-Heavy Hairstyles

The top heavy hairstyles don’t take much effort, but to look stylish for a longer period of time you need to use the right products for your hair. After applying the gel get the heavy spiked look atop and then blow dry the hair.

Though volume is essential for this trendy hairstyle, you can experiment this look even if you carry short and cropped haircut. Often peaky side crops are added with this spiky top heavy hairstyle.

Peaked Jagged Hairstyles

Short and sweet, this jagged look has become one of the most popular hairstyles for teen boys. Short on the sides and longer on the top this is one of the latest style.

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The Straight Blowback

The blowback hairstyle has been long into fashion; but now it has been added with the straightened look. This hassle free straight blowback resembles mostly the styles of buzz cut as the side hair is shortened and the top hairstyle is given a blower up look.

This new style is one of the latest trends spotted at the fashion week in Paris.

Controlled Curls

If you have curls you are one of the lucky few who can get the clean look opted by James Franco. All you need is a good curl control cream to keeping your mane in check. Naturally curly haired boys should try this as it is neither too short nor too messy.

Tousled Layers

Unlike the popular belief teen boys who like showing off their mane do not have to let their hair run wild. Just keep the frontal volume increased to compete against the other hot trending hair styles and keep the longer strands pushed backwards for that clean front look.

Teenage boys are spoilt for choice these days and opting the right look will draw all the attention in the right ways.


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