Hairstyles and How it is Related to your Personality

As we know that by seeing facial feature we can get some idea about a kind of person you are likewise hair can also be a reinforcement and reflection of what kind of person you are. In many cases when you don’t say anything, you hair speaks on behalf of you.

Here are some interesting facts about hairstyles and what it says about us:

hairstyles and how it is related to your personality

Red Hair

Red hair always stands out from the rest. Women who have red hair are generally fun loving person, have good sense of humour and do not take much stress. They do not want to involve themselves in serious relationships and sometimes they can act as a drama queen.

Curly Hair

Women those who have curly hairs are generous and want to take part in everything. They are competent and would likely to complete tasks faster than others. They have “fire personality” and the qualities include, love, passion, leadership, intuition, aggression, expressiveness and dynamism. They face difficulty in focusing on one thing for a long period.

Thick and Lustrous Wavy Hair

Women those who have thick wavy hair are highly energetic person with strong will power. They are very emotional and their feelings get hurt very easily. They are independent person, and freedom is very important to them.

Thick Hair

Women with thick hair are generally full of energy with a strong will power. They are stubborn and tend to have lower sex drive than others. On the other hand women with thin hair are likely to be more delicate and are less energetic.

Straight Hair Which is Often Curled

Women who generally curl their straight hair crave for more fun. They transmit positive energy.

Curly Hair Which is Straightened

Life of women who tends to straighten their curly hair is possibly chaotic. By flat-ironing of hair they probably want to control its intensity and grant themselves with a sense of calmness.

Medium Length Wash and go Hair Style

Women with this hair style are generally impatient and gets easily frustrated. She values logic and are good thinkers. They are usually straight forward person.

Long Wash and go Hair Style

Women with this hair style are very romantic and creative kind of person. They do not take much stress and are happy to go with the flow.

Short Wash and go Hair Style

Women with this hair style do not want to fuss about anything in life. They are less emotional.

Length, cut, texture, colour of hair plays a pivotal role to describe your personality. The best thing is that you can change the style at any point of time depending on your individuality.


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