Hair Obsession? 15 Signs to Show your Love for Hair

No matter in what phase of life you are in and what type of people you stay with, you must have had an encounter with a person or people who are like insanely in love with their hair. Although, all of us take care of our hair but there are some people who are just so obsessed that they take the hair care just to some another level! Their obsession is such that if you mess with their hair, you will be murdered! Below given are some signs that show you are obsessed with your hair.

hair obsession

  • When you have a habit of repeatedly touching your hair.
  • You keep on trying styles by flipping, tossing, turning and twirling your hair from one side to another, back and forth.
  • Whenever there is a mirror in front of you, you just try to makeover your hairstyle by running your fingers.
  • Whenever there is rain and your hairs get wet, you feel so pissed irritated.
  • For some people obsession is to such an extent that if it’s a bad hair day, they will name it as a bad day. During bad hair day, people obsessed with their hair; tie them up in a ponytail or a bun to avoid messy looks.
  • The best sign that shows you are obsessed with your hair is your desire to try new hair products such as new hair oils, shampoos, serums very frequently.
  • You do not just hesitate in spending heavy amounts on haircuts and in buying expensive hair care products.
  • You will always be seen carrying a comb with you either in your hand purse, clutch or a wallet or even in pockets.
  • You are too conscious or paranoid that the person sitting next to you may transfer her lice onto your head.
  • At the time of hair fall, you just freak out!
  • When people try to touch or mess with your hair, you simply hate it.
  • You have a passion for trying new hairstyles and trends each day.
  • Though you love to do experiments, but whenever you go for a haircut, there is some sort of sadness inside you.
  • Your favorite talks are those which are related to your hair.
  • You do not plan to step out of your home unless you hair looks like the way you have planned.

At the end, you carry confidence, style and energy only if your hair looks nice.


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