Must Try Hair Dos for Stylish Men

You are absolutely wrong if you think that fashionable hairstyles are not for you if you are a “man”. Your hairstyle has the ability to catch the maximum attention from people. It instills you with confidence, and gives you an aura and a dashing personality which every guy dreams of.

Here we enlist some of the most popular and cool hairstyles that will successfully add spice to your looks and bring about a drastic change from the boring and conventional hair dos. In today’s era, the more whacky it is, the more acceptable it’s going to be. It brings about a complete makeover and makes you stand out amidst the crowd.

It is sure to make many heads turn! The following are a few simple hairstyles which can add multiple stars to your personality. They are cool, they are effortless, and moreover they are IN.

hair dos for style men

Brit Pop Crop

This hairstyle is best suitable for oval and round shaped face shapes. With slightly long hair at the crown brushed up in style to add volume, the sides and the back are generally combed downward. To keep the style intact, use a bit of a wax at the hair ends. It works very well for fine hair.

Choppy Sexy Cool

Messy unkempt hair never goes out of style. With the least amount of maintenance required, simply blow dry your hair with a vent brush and then smoothen your hair by just running your fingers through it. Make a partition to highlight the flick or you can do away with the flick by brushing it simply everywhere.

Fringe Benefits

For slightly longer hair, fringes work the best. It works fine with medium hair and requires easy blow drying as you can make separations using your fingers. You can use gel to keep your style in place as well.

A Distinguished Affair

This refined look is usually worn behind the ears. After the conditioning, comb your hair backwards and then do the same using your fingers to soften the comb lines thus, allowing your hair to dry thereafter.

Curly Coif

To enjoy a subtly geeky look, carry those curls in style. Use a curl crème on wet hair to let the curls form naturally. If the need be, use a small amount of the crème on dry hair to ensure that the curls stay in place. Pull off the hairstyle with large framed glasses to get that complete look!

Tribal Texture

With braids on either side, this hairstyle is best suitable for curly and coarse hair. Nourish your hair with a little amount of oil to reduce the fizz and braid your curls on either side of the crown. Give this look the finishing touch by applying hair styling cream on the braid to add a little extra shine.

Extremely easy to sport, these hairstyles are definitely going to get you the attention that you need. Choose a hairstyle which is best suitable for your face shape and hair type and you are good to go! As they rightly say, always keep it stylish!

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