Creative Halloween Hairstyle for your Kid

Halloween is the time when kids love to dress up horridly. But often you wonder what costume to get them or how their hair should be styled. For girls, still there are a few varieties of hairstyle that you can try, but for boys the option is very limited. Here are a few hairstyle suggestions for both boys and girls that will help you to dress up your kids this Halloween.

creative halloween hairstyle for your kid

Top Five Halloween Hairstyle that your Kid will Love

For Halloween you need to style your kids hair in a way which will go with their dress and/ or the occasion. Check out these hairstyles for your children

  • These days Hunger Games and its heroine Katniss are quite popular among kids and young adult alike. If your daughter has long hair, then you can try the Mockingjay braid style that Katniss sports. If your kid’s hair is naturally curly the style will suit her perfectly, and if not, you can always add some natural curls by using curling irons.
  • Another popular character among all age groups is Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean fame. If you wish to dress up your kid like him, you can buy a pirate cap with dreadlocks hanging from it, from shops that sell such make up items. Using this will mean that you will not need to mess with your boy’s hair. Just get him matching costume to go with it.
  • One of the most favorite books for children over the years has been The Wizard of Oz. This Halloween you can dress up your girl like the protagonist of the book, Dorothy. Her hair style will be quite simple and hassle free too, you just need to plait her hair the way Dorothy was shown doing in the movie form the book and put a ribbon them.
  • The cool vampire or Count Dracula look never goes out of style for the Halloween celebration. If your boy is planning to dress up like him all you need to back brush his hair with lots of gel so that it look sleek and wet and stays in the place.
  • Zombies are the ultimate favorites for the occasion. You can make your girl look like a cool Zombie just by adding hair pin curls to her hair

These are a few hairstyles for your kid for the Halloween party. You can also brainstorm to add up to the list of creative hairstyles.


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