Best Hair Trends of 1960s – Stylish and Elegant!

The decade of 1960 has diminished many of the traditional fashion segments owing to the various social movements it experienced. The hair styling during this decade started to be identified as more sophisticated than the previous era of 1950s. The decade of 1960 also gave birth to feminism which also affected adversely the field of fashion that includes hair styling as well. To bring your attention to the hair trends of 1960s, here you are provided with some of the popular hair styles –


flipsThe flip hair styling became one of the popular hair trends during the era of 1960s. The trend of short, neat hair shifted to little longer and less neat hair. The length of the hair was just between the chin and the shoulder. In this styling the volume was at the top and the end of hair was flipped out in almost a curl.


This is another hair trend of 1960s. To make your body appear less thin this hair styling was adopted at that period of time. The higher hair look provided an eye catching look to the woman. The hair was poofed with backcombed just next to your scalp. The higher ratted poof necessitated the usage of hairspray in a large quantity.

Breathless Crop of Jean Seberg

Jean Seberg who was renowned as born actress of America, emerged with having short hair in her film Breathless, she was widely wowed by audience as well critics. It became one of the signature look among all the rebellious woman of that decade.


beehive hairstyleThe decade of 1960 gave birth to the Beehive hair styling which was later popularized by celebrities like Aretha Franklin and Dusty Springfield. Margaret Vinci Heldt was the originator of this hair styling.

Pillbox Perfect look of Jackie Kennedy

Jacqueline Kennedy, the wife of the then President with her new look of elegance transformed the fashion segment of millions of woman during the first half of 1960s. Her perfect and smooth bob, complemented with fashionable hat was simply awesome.

Hippie Hair Look

Popular folk singer Joan Baez can be deemed as the originator of hippie hair look in her first record in 1962. This long and natural hair styling carried through half of the decade.

The Supreme’s Bobs

The hair styling of Diana Ross and the Supremes profoundly inspired all American women of different ethnicities. They had extremely styled and straight hair which was followed through the decade of 1960s.


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