Best 5 Autumn Hair Trends to Choose from

The summer is over, but the winter is yet to come. It is that time of the year when you change your wardrobe and pick up new trends for the coming season. This autumn, give your hair a treat too, by picking up a new trend.

Top Trends for Autumn

Autumn is that time of the year when you cling to the last bit of warmth of summer, as winter starts to knock on the door. Your hairstyle must also reflect some warmth too. Therefore choose color and style smartly. You do not want to look too icy or too summery during the fall. Here are some trend tips for you to try this fall.

autumn hair trendsHair Color Trends

Coloring your hair has become quite fashionable at present. If you want you can try these shades out

  • If you want to look a little sun kissed even after the summer, try the bronde look. This is a mixture of blonde and brown which gives your hair a naturally highlighted look. Tell your stylist not to highlight the upper portion of the hair, but choose hair around eyes, check bones etc for best result.
  • The shade copper is also a great idea for you to try this fall. Try to pick a darker shade of copper this autumn. The best part about copper is it looks very natural.
  • No matter what season it is, one color which never goes out of fashion is the rich chocolate. It is probably the safest bait, as it looks good on all complexions. But try to choose that specific shade which compliments both your skin and eye color.

Hair Cut Trends

Apart from coloring your hair, you can also choose a trendy hair cut this season. Here are a few trends that are going to get big during the fall.

  • The pixie cut has been a huge trend throughout the last few seasons. This time it comes with fringes. This can be a much more sophisticated look for you this fall. You can go with side swept fringes, which helps to highlight your cheek bones.
  • The bob has been in vogue during the last season. Now it is time to go for the longer angled bob. You can tuck the long sides behind your years or you can leave them open to look cool.

Whatever style you pick, do remember to take good care of your hair. Or your style will be ruined by bad hair.


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