Latest 10 Hair Trends For Summer 2014

IT’s summer! And what better way is there to enjoy it than have a complete makeover? Glam up your everyday look with a new hair trend that suites your style. This summer of 2014, try the latest in fashion hairstyles and simply wait for all the attention that is bound to come your way.

Choose from amongst the best hairstyles and give yourself a makeover.

1. The Pixie Cut

Nothing spells hot like a perfect pixie cut. They tend to be soft and feminine and bring out the best in your facial highlights.

2. Medium Length Bob

Medium Length Bob

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The best part about having a bob is that you can change your look every day. From the messy dreamy looking bob, to the sleek and chic bob, the magic is in your brush.

3. Geometric Bangs

When you describe a geometric bang, you don’t say it’s cute or wispy. They are absolutely bold and definitely add a strong sexy flare to your style. And the best part is, you can wear them with a long hair or even a short bob.

4. Side Swept Bangs

Side Swept Bangs

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Trend up wide long side bangs that frame your face. It is a great addition if you have smoky eyes that can work both when it is tucked behind your ears and left loose.

5. Layered Long locks

Layered long locks add depth to your hair and particularly help frame your face. Keep it soft and sexy, but most importantly add drama to it by highlighting the top few strands.

6. Straight Chunky Layers

If you are not a big fan of soft round layers, then maybe blunt, chunky layers are the one for you. They are great if you want to add more texture and volume to your already lustrous hair, as well as give it the freedom for movement.

7. Rounded Long Bob

Rounded Long Bob

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Bobs always work when you have a high cheekbone to show, with a particular roundness to your face. Do a deep sight parting to keep it dramatic and add bang in the front.

8. Wavy locks

Waves are for the maidens of romance. If you already have a certain wave, all you need to do is tame it a little. Then sweep it up to one of your shoulder and weave a world of dreams.

9. Blunt Baby Bangs

Its true baby bangs don’t suit every face cut, but if you have a round or oval face, then they would work wonders for you. Keep them on the shorter side with a little roundness at the ends to give a more piece- y look.

10. Medium Length Textured Hair

medium lenth textured hair

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Cut your hair in to medium layers. Then piece out a few of the layers to give it a more textured appearance. It’s that simple.


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