What Is Silicone Hair Treatment?

When you brush your hair carefully yet see so many strands stuck in your brush, nothing scares you more than this. We panic even with the thought of hair loss, don’t we? It is not at all a pretty sight to see your strand in your brush or comb. We usually try many over the counter treatments first and when we get tired of them all, we go the expert.

There are professionals out there who claim to fix this problem for you. Similarly, there are numerous treatments that claim good results. One such treatment is silicone hair treatment but does that work? We need to first understand what it is to know more about its effectiveness.

What Is Silicone Hair Treatment?

What is Silicone Hair Treatment?

You might have already heard of it before and that is why you are reading this. If not then you will understand soon that it is one of the very popular hair treatments to get your tresses back. This is a non-surgical treatment best suitable for partial baldness. Silicon is used in order to fix hair to the bald areas of your scalp. That’s true. They will attach hair to your scalp.

Why Should You Choose Silicon hair Treatment?

As it is the latest and effective treatment for partial baldness, it is preferred by many people; moreover it is non-surgical and painless. If you compare it with hair transplant method, then more hair volume or density is observed with silicone treatment. Not just that but it also takes less time compared to transplant. Now, you might have a doubt that you may end up with synthetic hair and not natural hair. After re-growth, you will actually have real hair but not synthetic hair even if it was used for bonding hair or for weaving method. This is 100% safe method and your new hair will be stylish and washable. You can go ahead with normal routine like shampooing, swimming, bathing, etc. without any fear.

Know More About Silicone Hair Treatment

If you have heard of hair bonding method then let us tell you that silicone method is also similar. It is a fixed procedure where they set up hair with minute clips and silicon is used in the base of a patch which looks similar to the scalp. Using this silicon based patch they treat your bald areas. Surprisingly, later you will not be able to differentiate between your real hair and synthetic hair.

This treatment is a deep conditioning one which is designed such a way that you need to use every few weeks to get some polish and smoothness to your new hair. It consists of specially formulated silicon which gets deposited onto your hair. This does two functions one of which is to give shining to your hair due to refractive properties in it and the other is to provide defensive covering by acting as a lubricant preventing moisture loss.

How Effective Is Silicone Hair treatment?

It is true that this treatment provides temporary results and benefits but this can be prolonged by taking care of your new hair with right measurements and re-treatments. However, the manufacturer of this product or trichologist suggests not to undergo this treatment more frequently.

If you have coarse, ethnic and curly hair then you can also opt for this treatment since it also provides shiny and voluminous hair along with re-growth. In addition to this it also provides suppleness and brilliance to the damaged hair.

Silicon hair treatment protects the hair from damage caused by harmful UV rays, pollution, etc. Not just that but it also prevents fading of treated dye by providing sun protection.

Silicone hair treatment came to rescue those with hair problems and we must say that it is now affordable and safe. So, go for it and get the awesome results out of it.


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