5 Effective and Natural Ways to Prevent Hair Thinning

If you are tensed and stressed because of hair thinning, then you are not the only one. Hair thinning is a common hair problem which lot of us face and there can be a number of reasons why hair tends to become thin and weak. Poor diet, being on medication and having a lot of stress are just a few reasons why your hair might be thinning.

Hair thinning leads to hair loss and this can be quite an embarrassing situation for both males and females.  Thus to help you out with it, we have the 5 most effective and natural ways to prevent this problem.natural ways to prevent hair thinning 1. Our hair needs a lot of omega-3 fatty acids for proper growth, shiny look and heaviness. Thus, make it a point to eat plenty of those foods that are high on omega-3 fatty acids.  Some examples of such foods are salmon, nuts, soybeans and flax seeds. Additionally, even biotin works really well for prevention of hair thinning and foods that are loaded with this nutrient are eggs, liver, nuts, and soy.

2. Several hairstyle changes can also work dramatically for prevention of hair thinning and also for its treatment. Sometimes, when hair grows too long, the hair ends tend to become thin, thus leading to hair fall. To avoid this, make sure you get regular haircuts and keep your hair short. Also, adding layers to your hair also works well as its creates bounce and volume.

3. Another way to treat thinning of hair is to go for aromatherapy or acupuncture. These are natural ways which involve essential oils such as thyme, lavender and rosemary and work tremendously well for the hair growth and its strength. Moreover, you can also try out herbs like mulberries and psoralea seeds as they help in stimulating the growth of hair.

4. Stimulating the scalp well is another way to avoid facing the problem of hair thinning and lending strength and quality to your hair. You can stimulate the scalp by applying oil on your hair and scalp on a regular basis. Oil massage helps to improve the blood circulation and promotes flowing of more oxygen to the hair follicles.

5. Decrease hair washing is another way to treat hair thinning. Too much exposure to the chemicals present in shampoos can be a reason for hair thinning and by avoiding it as much as possible, you can prevent the problem.

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