Natural Herbs for Hair Growth

According to the specialists, it is normal for people to lose about 100 strands of hair per day. However, certain factors can lead to increased hair loss. This is the moment when people start looking for natural herbs for hair growth. Herbs represent a healthy alternative for promoting hair growth.

Natural Herbs for Hair Growth

Saw palmetto

According to the studies done in the field, this herb can help the people who are struggling with hereditary hair loss. The specialists claim that the people who are using saw palmetto along with beta-sitosterol can achieve good results regarding hair re-growth.

Rosemary oil

A Scottish study regarding the natural plants for hair growth showed that the people who received scalp massage with rosemary oil and other essential oils experienced fast hair re-growth. This is because rosemary oil promotes blood circulation to the scalp.

Cinnamon twig

This one of the natural herbs for hair growth, in combination with other herbs can represent the basis of the hair growth treatments that work for both men and women. The cinnamon twigs promote the dilation of the blood vessels. If there is better circulation, the hair will grow faster.

Jojoba oil

The interesting thing about this one of the hair growth’s natural plants is that the molecular composition of the herb is something like the composition of the scalp’s oil glands. You can apply the oil directly on the hair or combine it with your conditioner.


It is good to know it promotes circulation to the scalp and thus it promotes hair growth. It can be massaged right into the scalp, but keep in mind that you should dilute it before application. Add three drops of oil to three tablespoons of water.


When thinking about natural herbs for hair re-growth, remember that lavender has anti-bacterial properties that can heal and soothe the infections of the scalp. In the same time, it can make dandruff disappear and it can add more volume to the hair. Add springs of lavender to olive oil in a jar and seal it tightly.

Some other natural herbs for hair growth you could consider are burdock, stinging nettle, wheat germ, coconut milk and aloe vera. It is always better to use natural oils than artificial medications or other chemicals that may do more harm than good.


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