Facts About Keratin Hair Treatments

Keratin hair treatments are the hottest trend going around in the world right now, but are they really a safe method? Do they harm your hair more than you actually know? You should know about all the facts related to keratin hair treatment, all the good and the bad, before you actually go for a treatment session.

Keratin Hair Treatments

Here are the questions that will most likely be on your mind and their answers.

  • What Is a Keratin Hair Treatment? Simply put, keratin hair treatment is a specialized hair treatment session that helps you smoothen out your curls and frizz. It also adds a shine to your hair and makes it smooth and straight. However it is not a permanent process, so you need to re treat it after every four months. However, it’s a great alternative to straightening your curls and frizzes every day.
  • How Does It Work? This is the most important question that you need to know the answer to. Keratin treatment is a chemical process that is used to turn your frizz into straight shiny ones. So it includes a use of lots of harmful chemicals especially formaldehyde. Of course the amount of the chemical used also matters sufficiently. Most of the salons use a safe amount of this chemical, but even then; it has a queer odor and is known to cause allergic reactions and health problems.
  • Is This Treatment Safe? Now, comes the real question. Is keratin hair treatment safe for your hair? Well, it is really a hard and controversial question to answer. It actually depends on the salon you are trusting to do your treatment session. The real reason for being threatened is of course the fact that strong chemicals are used for the process, especially formaldehyde. If the amount is not regulated enough, it causes allergic reactions all over your body. It further depends on your skin type, whether your skin is able to handle the amount of chemicals used.
  • Which Treatment Should You Opt For? Finally, the type of keratin treatment you should go for also matters. There are about three types of treatment, namely Brazilian blow out treatment, the Strawberry keratin treatment and the keratin complex treatment. Choosing the right treatment for your hair is also very critical. So remember to consult with your stylist before settling for one keratin hair treatment.

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