Top 5 Most Common Hair Coloring Mistakes

Hair coloring is not just about looking young by hiding the greys anymore but is a part of the overall beautification and hair care these days.   Applying hair color is a trick which most of us who use hair color have learnt and this has reduced the need to visit the salon.

But even inspite of this, many of us tend to make many hair coloring mistakes which can be easily avoided. The following are the top 5 most common hair coloring mistakes and how you can avoid them.

common hair coloring mistakes

Going by the Photo on the Product Box

Most of us tend to get attracted to the cover of the box or the photo printed on it and are tempted to buy a certain hair color. But one must realize that the color on the box may be slightly different of how the color will look on your hair. Thus it is important to select a color which is a little lighter than the color you want.

Staining the Scalp

Another common hair coloring mistake which many of us tend to make it staining our scalp. Often, spots of the dye color may be left on the scalp or the hair line and the best way to avoid this is to spread a little petroleum jelly on the hairline to protect the skin.

Matching Eyebrows with Hair Color

Another hair coloring mistake which many people tend to make is to coloring the eyebrows with the same color as the color chosen for the hair. Firstly, it is not at all safe to color the eyebrows and moreover the brow is of a different color and a different texture as the hair so matching them isn’t a good idea.

Letting New Color Fade

A lot of us experience the problem of fading hair color. This can happen due to the wrong application of hair color. This can happen due to mixing of the color with water and must be avoided. Water tends to fade the color and opens the cuticle to lessen its longevity.

Using Same Shade Over Greys

Grey hair will not absorb the hair color in the same way as the other parts of the hair and hence the same shade of color must not be used on the greys as it will create streaks of different shades on the scalp. You can use two different colors to cover up the grey roots instead.


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