The Various Disadvantages of Styling Hair Regularly

Hair styling is very common these days. All young and middle-aged females tend to style their hair regularly, sometimes even on a daily basis to make their hair appear fuller, straighter, bouncier and more beautiful. While it is true that hair styling can make the hair and personality appear better, it has many side effects and disadvantages as well.

Occasional hair styling may work just fine but the real damage begins to happen when you tend to do it regularly. The following are the various disadvantages of styling your hair regularly.

various disadvantages of styling hair regularly

  • There are many different hair straightening methods which include the exposure of direct heat and harsh chemicals on the hair. These chemicals and heat exposure can be very dangerous for the hair and may leave them damaged.
  • One of the most common side effects of hair straightening is that it can cause excessive dryness. Even the use of hair dryers can make the condition worse.  What happens is that with the regular use of hair dryers and straightening, hair tends to lose its natural moisture and may begin to look dull and frizzy.
  • Hair straightening is also related to many types of allergic reactions. Due to chemical reactions, allergic reactions too follow and may cause many skin and scalp related reactions.  Some common side effects of hair styling are redness of scalp, rashes, itching of the eye, red eye, itching on the skin and scalp etc.  If this problem persists, then you need to contact your dermatologist immediately.
  • As you tend to style your hair regularly, you will observe that your hair have started falling more. Thus hair fall is yet another disadvantage of styling your hair on a regular basis.  This is due to the poor quality of the chemicals in the hair styling products like hair gel, volumizer etc.  Also the improper technique of hair straightening can break the hair from their root and hence further cause hair fall.  In the long term, this leads to the hair follicle becoming weak.
  • A lot of people go for permanent hair straightening which is also known as hair rebonding. This procedure also causes severe hair damage and may make the hair strands break easily. When you get hair rebonding done, you cannot tie your hair for the first month and this in turn leads to excessive hair fall since hair become fragile.
  • The heat can damage the scalp as well as the skin.


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