Different Types of Hair Braids

Hair braiding has increasingly become popular all around the world. Besides south Americans and Africans who often braid their hair, many other females belonging to different countries are making hair braids to look fashionable and to tie their hair in a way that looks absolutely stylish.

Braids are nothing but different ways to weave your hair and can work well for people of any hair texture or style. There are many different types of hair braids and the following are some of the most amazing ones:

types of hair braidsBasket Weave

This hairstyle can be made on long hair only. You will need a helper for this style.

  • First wash your hair, dry and straighten them. They should be as straight as possible.
  • Part your hair into seven equal Take all sections and tie them with small rubber bands.
  • Now take the first strand and cross it with the second. Hold it Now the first strand becomes your second stand.  Cross this again with the third strand. Remember not to pull tight. Repeat the same on the other side of the hair. The center strand does not have to be touched.
  • Now take the first strand which has now become the third strand over the central strand and weave it with the third strand on the other side.
  • Repeat the same on the other side.
  • Secure with a nice hair pin

Crown Braids

This braiding style looks very nice on curly and medium length hair.

  • Long hair might look messy in this Apply some gel on the hair. Now part the front of your hair and clip it.
  • Let loose the hair on the back. Now take a section of the front hair and comb.
  • Braid the hair well while proceeding towards the other side and keep adding more hair while you braid them.
  • Finish once you reach the other end of the head. Take a new strand close to the braid and repeat the same instructions.
  • In the same manner make 5-6 braids close to each other. Crunch up all the braids below your hair let loose behind.
  • Wear a lovely hair band to finish the entire look.

Fish Tail with a Twist

For this hairstyle you must have shoulder length hair.

  • Make a side parting of your front hair.
  • Now braid this hair into a fish tail plait nicely and secure it well with a rubber band.
  • Now take the remaining hair and make a plait bringing your hair towards the front.
  • Add the previous fish plait wherever possible in this plait.
  • Add some colorful pins.

Besides these there are many other types of braids like bow braids, mini braids, circle braids and other which you can go for depending upon the length and texture of your hair.


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